Message from Narayani

I am ready to return to supporting my community. 1 person at a time. Group classes and events will resume in 2018 at some point. The last 3 months have been a bumpy road while grieving and healing loss of my partner. It has been three moons. At this time, I am ready to start working on people again. I need it and hopefully others need me. I’m offering a combination of Energy Work and Massage, Private Yoga & Meditation Training and Coaching to my local community in person during the week at my new local office space. 

Massage and Energy Healing – We are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings. Massage when combined with energy healing helps removes stagnant patterns in your body and mind. These patterns might be caused by things we have taken on from family, past lives – current lifetime relationships and stories. These limiting belief systems may have lodged in the body or field. If so you might feel like you cannot get off the hamster wheel physically and emotionally.  These sessions go as deep as you are willing to receive. Most people feel renewed after these sessions and also energized.

Particularly, issues worked on include:
  • Family issues
  • Karmic patterns
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Soul Purpose
Each session supports harmonizing all of your energy bodies:
  • physically – discovering points of pain and organ and muscle stress
  • mentally – accessing and possibly clearing thoughts behind issue
  • emotionaly – being RADICALLY honest with yourself about how you feel and unwinding
  • spiritually – connecting with guides, guardians, elementals, ancestors as gatekeepers for your healing

BOOK SESSION – $150 90  mins

Private Hatha Yoga + Meditation Training – I have been trained from the oldest yoga school in the US: Integral Yoga Institute. I spent many years in practice and training with senior monks and teachers since 1999. Presently, I am offering local 1 – on – 1 sessions in Santa Cruz. This is traditional yoga training and includes:

    • Preparing to practice your own yoga asana sequence
    • Overcoming obstacles to concentration
    • Learning yoga philosophy and applying it to everyday life
    • Breathing practices to help align you physically, emotionally and spiritually
    • Receiving Mantra Initiation if appropriate
    • General lifestyle and wellness support

BOOK SESSION- $125 75 minutes


Sacred Life Activation Coaching This is for those who are on the journey of awakening SOUL Purpose – Why are you here? How can you leverage your gifts to serve others, our planet and also thrive and be happy? Learn how to walk in your power in a sacred way while working with your higher self, angels, guides and Mother Earth herself