Winter Solstice, Hannukah and Christmas all fall within days of each other this year. A great opportunity is here to meditate and reflect on our Unity as humans and also a great time to renew our spirits as we honor the Sacred in all.

I love Winter Solstice because it is so amazing how long the night is and just how we all want to stay in and be cozy!  This time, we have the opportunity to really go within and relax and nourish our souls, minds and bodies with beauty and self love. We have the chance to feel the depth of who and what we are on a core level. We can rest and feel and heal and nourish our spirits to refuel and renew. If we choose to feel deeply, we can release that which no longer serves us and make room for the dark to reveal new insights and guidance for the future season and year to come…

* 5 EASY Stress Management Tools for the holy day season*

1. Give Thanks. Feel the beauty in your life and silently or verbally appreciate all you have

2. Meditate.  Sit or lay down and listen to your beautiful breathe and smile within, in silence.

3. Walk. Especially after big family and community meals. Get the blood/chi flowin.

4. Stay in bed longer. If you have a partner or if you are single, rest and snuggle in to nourish your yin energy.

5. Laugh! Laughter is the best medicine. Joy opens the heart energy and inspires us to love more.