Take 1 to 3 days off. If you can put all you attention on you at home, you can retreat there. Otherwise, go away by yourself somewhere quiet.

  • Sleep
  • Eat whole foods meals
  • Use oils and yummy healthy products on your body
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Journal LOTS
  • Bring a book to read
  • Meditate
  • Be Yoga (cant do yoga, but thats another post)
  • DO Chi Gong
  • Be Healthy!


Interested in attending a group healing retreat somewhere beautiful? Please let me know. I am planning something really special with with a beloved yoga teacher who is like a sister to Brigit Moynihan . Its an exotic healing trip for late winter , maybe February or March. Please let me know if you would be interested. It would be for a week, possibly in Costa Rica…maybe Hawaii..Maybe your home town..