Energy Healing

We are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings. Energy healing helps remove stagnant patterns in your body and mind. These patterns might be caused by things we have taken on from family, past lives – current lifetime relationships and stories. These limiting belief systems may have lodged in the body or field. If so you might feel like you cannot get off the hamster wheel physically and emotionally.  These sessions go as deep as you are willing to receive. Most people feel renewed after these sessions and also energized. 

Massage Therapist Coaching

This offering is to support those in the field of Massage Therapy to do the inner AND outer work to manifest success for yourself, your family, clients, community and our sacred planet. These sessions help clear clutter around your business, get accountability support, reweave how you spend your time, overcome overwhelm, integrate your spiritual path and business and co-strategy new ways to make more money to support your vision..  More Info

Intuitive Reading

These sessions work with your higher self and in prayer to support you in your intention, answering your questions and supporting the energy and information that is going to inspire you to make choices and move forward with your life with confidence, joy and inspiration. Sessions are remote, on zoom or phone. 

Yoga & Meditation Training

Narayani has been trained from the oldest yoga school in the US. Integral Yoga Institute and spent many years in practice and training with senior monks and teachers. She now offers private and group trainings. 

Spiritual Life Coaching

Are you on the path of awakening? Are you seeking to align your passion and desires in life with the greatest good? Would you like to truly step into your power? Private Mentorship with Narayani may be right for you.   

Stress Free LifeStyle Program

This offering was designed for my clients who work in the Silicon Valley. If you work full time and have a family and you feel like there is no time to take care of yourself and you are super stressed, you might be ready to acquire some new tools. Learning personalized practices for unwinding and learning how to reprogram old habits while sustaining new rhythms is totally possible. You can stay balanced, vital and inspired while also getting sh*ft done. Curious? Read more–>

Essence Work

Because of unconscious patterns that guide your life, you are unable to move through certain stories and situations. You may have given your power away to others or feel like another is suffocating you. You may have major boundary issues and have a hard time getting off the hamster wheel. If this is you, Essence Work can help. THIS IS REMOTE HEALING SESSION. This healing modality helps to pull out the thread of fabric that keeps you from experiencing true fulfillment in your life. Inquire for an appointment with Narayani here–>