It came to my attention that many of my  community members are not aware of all the ways I can help support them. There are many tools that 20 years of spiritual unfoldment have given me to breathe in and embody. If my peeps do  not know about what I offer with  EssenceWork  and other modalities,  I really need to be more transparent with all the spiritual gifts I behold. Truly,  spiritual gifts are meant to be shared in order to stay in Divine flow.

The fact that many do not know what I’ve  got to give is my responsibility and may be rooted in my own lack of ability to be willing to share what I’ve got. Going deeper, I realize the truth  in my heart of hearts saying that  I am willing to share and so here I am putting it out there for you, beloved seeker.  Interestingly,  a beautiful  BENEFIT that comes from receiving EssenceWork is that your  gifts can shine through brightly when the blockages that keep you small are cleared and the field is balanced.  As a practitioner, I also receive such a gift and everyone wins. This modality really works.

Whats up with Long Distance Healing?

EssenceWork  is a modality that can only be done long distance.  Long distance healing is real and effective.  Shamans and traditional healers know that we are so much more just our physical bodies.  Our souls are not limited by time and space as our bodies are. This enables long distance healing to work outside of the realm of  the illusion of physical being all that we are. It is from this place that I offer these sessions.

STUCK? Reweave Birth Patterns.

We are born with imprints from our parents and take on subconscious patterns that do not belong to us. In the work I am doing with EssenceWork, I am offering you an opportunity to unwind emotional , mental and spiritual patterns and reweave the patterns that play out in your life with ease and grace.  After sessions, your new patterns can be taken on with awareness,  offering you freedom to create the life of your dreams.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life on a new level and emerge with brighter potential? I can support you through this journey. NEW SPECIAL for first 10 people who respond. $55 per session. Long Distance only.