gldBdha2I had a realization in meditation this morning that brought tears to my eyes. I felt the whisper of Spirit, began to cry and knew I was hearing the truth. I want to share some of my story with you right now. Thanks for taking a moment here to “connect.”

I have been a high energy person my whole life. I was a fiery girl, a wild teenager, a rebellious young woman and now as I enter into astrological midlife, I find that there is a lesson about rhythm that wants to be lived through me. I really got it in this morning on my yoga mat.

I often tune into a prayer of service when I practice yoga and often then receive the gift of sweet realizations. Today, I had a similar experience and SUPER strong message of truth hit me.

Here is what happened:

I decided to tune into all the people in my life and feel into the greater field of what I am launching this fall (more info on that soon). In my awareness, I expanded my inner prayer space to include the teachers I will be interviewing, my coaches and supportive community that I feel held by right now.

Suddenly the feedback I had been getting lately actually sunk in. It was like it dropped deep into my deep bones. SLOW DOWN. BREATHE and take your TIME! I then heard my body say something surprising. (As a Massage Therapist, I have trained to hear what bodies say 🙂 I heard the inner voice of body say, “But if I slow down, I will never catch up.” TEARS flowed. I knew I was being shown the deep truth.

I have been afraid that if I slow down and take my time, I will miss out. BUT WHAT I REALIZED is that If I slow down, the world will match my rhythm.  Whoah. IT feels BIG. I do not need to chase down my dream. I need to slow down so I can create a sustainable life for myself and THOSE whom I am here to serve.


Would you like to slow down? Starting RIGHT NOW, I am committed to this NEW WAY of BEING. Will you join me? Here is a video I made for you today with your official invite to slow down to live your Divine Right Life.. Check it out…


With Deep Breaths,