isHAPPY SOLSTICE! It is the peak of light energy in our yearly cycle. The sun shines brightly today and in the longest day, (today, tomorrow?) we get to connect with the solar energy while aligning with ourselves with Universal wisdom.
What I noticed today as the energy is getting stronger is that the light of the subconscious thoughts and feelings seem to really be up for people. Things may be magnified in the light of awareness so that we can look at what previously hidden patterns are ruling our lives and how we can move forward and honor the choices.
When we become aware of what we are experiencing within by being present, we have the ability to drop into our deeper feeling body and transmute and release the suffering we feel: And we can thenĀ  fill ourselves with energy of positivity rooted in love for self. This requires having the tools to choose our reality. This is not always easy. I know because I am speaking about myself and my own journey. It takes practice and often requires support form others.
This is why I am creating the ACTIVATE program (to be launched mid summer!!) specifically to help people, like you, to take responsibility for your life, on all levels, while learning how to choose the life you really desire to live.
ACTIVATE! is a 12 themed system that is designed to activate specific qualities in our energy fields through mental, emotional and spiritual practices to support the awakening of your heart’s desire in order manifest the life of your dreams in our beautiful world.
Tomorrow, June 21st 2013, as part of development of this program, I will be interviewing Ammora Grace about how to integrate generosity into our lives as a step in manifesting the life we truly desire in the future through the now. Join us for this free call. MORE INFO>>