After a  spontaneous journey of service, chaos, beauty and Divine surrender,  I have returned from Southern California. It was my first  and probably not my first time at the premier yoga festival called BhaktiFest.  This annual event  was birthed due to the urgent call to create peace on earth and was in response to events of September 11th. This festival was created to support peace on all levels. Only if we feel peace in our own hearts can we call for Peace in the “outer world.”  Bhakti means devotion (of the heart to The Beloved).   In surrender to the Divine within the hearts of all of creation,  we can  experience peace within each of us and thus create peace on Earth. The ancient art and science of Yoga helps us get there. Jai!

For one, I am super inspired. In dedication to the upliftment of all beings, I attended this event. What I experienced was a deepening in the desert.  The sun challenged us to stay cool, the wind challenged us to stay grounded, the yoga classes us challenged us to stay with the breath and the chanting invited us to stay in our hearts.  There were many tears of love and release happening, which enabled deep transformation to take place. I observed this beauty in  myself and others all day and night.

Personally I am rededicated to the study of Yoga and committing to my practice in order to  be of upmost service for my clients, friends, community, elders and The Earth.  In dedicating all of my spiritual practice to be of service, I am able to be inspired beyond my personal identity-To love for the sake of loving more – to receive for the sake of sharing- to show up in order to show up again and again for the sake of all beings.  I am grateful.  I invite you to choose healthy conscious practices for your own healing, but not just for yourself alone.  Trust me, you will find the rewards to be overflowing, again and again.

If you already have a practiced you dedicate to peace on earth , what is it? If you want support to choose how your seva (selfless service)  can merge  your own spiritual practice gracefully, contact me for a free 15 minute consultation.  xxooo L Narayani