We, the people, are all spiritual beings having human (and sometimes non-human) experiences. As spiritual beings, we have energy bodies CONTAINING our physical bodies…humm. I feel you getting that one 🙂

Yes, The temple is the soul and the physical body is contained within that SUBTLE form that you are as an individual entity. Ahhhhhhhh….Its a good thing, really.

Perceiving ourselves as energy beings AND physical beings is possible. It begins by using your imagination.. I-MAGI(C)-NATION. We are magical. Beautiful expressions of the Great Mysterious Creator. It is possible, as well as helpful, to acknowledge ourselves as multidimensional. Knowing this, we can affect our lives through accessing various parts of our beingness. I can affect my breath through moving my body. I can affect the body through directing my mind. I can touch your life by using my mind and positive emotions to pray for you or wish you well.

This work, done long distance by a practitioner, works directly on your subtle energy bodies. This affects your physical, emotional and spiritual being throughout time and space. Since the energy body is not restricted by the laws of time, like the physical body is, it is an effective way to work through stuck issues , WITH EASE.

As a practitioner, I can sense when the release and change happens during a session. To me it may feel like a peeling of a layer or an expansion of the field and a Ahhhhhhhhh. release…

I am honored to be able to offer these sessions for you at an INCREDIBLY reasonable rate of only $25 per session for a limited time only.

To schedule, email or call me. We will choose a time to do the session. During that time, you will rest and meditate or simply just relax. I will do the session for you during that time. Afterwards, we will chat about what happened , what got cleared and balanced. We will share via telephone at our scheduled time.