Spa Consulting


Each and every healing business has its own spirit. Allowing this spirit to be expressed can be graceful and easeful. Lara Narayani helps you bring your unique vision to life!


I am absolutely passionate about using natural products in the spa industry. After 15 + years as a therapist and trainer in natural treatments, I am available to be travel to spas to train practitioners in providing excellent treatments with awareness. I know that training with products that are created with integrity is an incredible way to create win win win relationships while supporting financial goals of practitioners, management and spa owners alike. This win win win also benefits nature. Here, the future generations of plants, species and humans are the real winners.


For many years I  gained experience to prepare me to create Eco Spa Menus. I gained this experience through: working in spas, studying nature, going to herb school, training on ayurvedic product formulation and mostly through living an organic lifestyle and creating my own product line. As of 2013, I offer Spa consulting for Spas in Menu planning and treatment development.


Training Spa Practitioners to be sustainable is 3 fold. First, practitioners should feel good doing treatments. Training includes right body mechanics, breathing and grounding. Next, Practitioners should know the authentic value of the products/treatments. In addition, learning the protocols and  should be fun and easy. These 3 aspects are the foundation for introducing spa professionals to ECO products that can sell so it is a win win win for practitioner, spa and client: And of course, Mother Earth.
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