If you are like me, you want to be of service in the greatest possible way AND make money. You LOVE the Earth and all of Creation. You want love and joy and everything beautiful that life has to offer! AND MOSTLY, you want to share your light FULLY with the world!But you need support. We all do. We need guides, mentors and teachers. Nobody is an island, especially now.As shared by a HOPI elder many years ago: “The days of the lone wolf are over…”That is why I created the Spiritual Awakening Global Summit, It is  inspiring TeleSummit event with an AMAZING group of spiritual leaders.

I invite you to listen in and join us (for) FREE online beginning September 22nd 2014.During these interviews, you will feel not only inspired, but equipped with powerful practices and tools that you can use immediately to help you step into being the balanced, bright and grounded Spiritual Awake Being that you are. RDuring this 4 week summit, You will be given a NEW MODEL and a NEW WAY of Manifesting your potential so you can experience true  authentic fulfillment and share your gifts with the world while thriving in the life your soul desires.

You will:

  • Hear real life stories about how spiritual teachers and leaders have overcome struggles to show up in the world and share their gifts
  • Discover what it means to activate your intent and take complete responsibility for your life.
  • Get clear guidance to step into your spiritual power and let go of limiting beliefs
  • Feel more grounded, healthy and confident as you share your unique gifts with the world
  • Learn how being of service can bring boundless joy to you and all the people in your life.
  • Feel successful and fulfilled in all areas of your life (business, love, health, and family)
  • Discover how to let go of a competitive mindset and help usher in the new paradigm of abundance and generosity

If your heart says YES, I invite you to join me for this FR*EE online event. You can listen in daily, participate through FaceBook and/or listen to the webcasts.  The talks are daily at 12noon PST M-F for an entire moon cycle beginning September 22nd and ending October 17th 2014.

True spiritual awakening was once available to few, but is now available to many, including you – right now. Spiritual Living is about manifesting your potential so you can be fulfilled in your heart while doing what you came here to do in this lifetime. The time is NOW. Sign up for FREE @  WWW.SPIRITUALINTEGRATIONSUMMIT.COM