Spiritual Mentorship with Narayani

REMOTE MENTORSHIP SESSIONS are Phone, In Person or Skype

Learn to Clear Negative Patterns

Next, tools and practices are implemented to clear victim mindset and reweave stories with freedom rooted in intuitive unconditional love.Learn how to Become Your Own Healer

Transcend Victim Mindset

Practices support the mental work and  include self-inquiry, self-expression and focused meditation

Truly Create Your Ideal Life

In each session, a new theme is introduced and your ability to hold space for your own process expands.The process is deep and wide as these themes hold you in the process to learn to track for yourself while building the container to create your future from a place of inner clarity, compassion, choice and wisdom.

Received Customized Support

We work each session with a new theme and you are given practices to do during that week. Each session is customized to what ever is “up for you” and is designed to TRAIN you to be able to navigate your process more fully in the future as you step into your gifts and true power.

Benefits of Mentorship Include:

Experiencing calming of the mind so you can listen to the still quiet voice within and have CLARITY about your PATH.
Becoming your own healer and learn how to remove energy blockages from the past and create new thoughts that inspire your future.
Learn how to direct and master your energy for self healing, balance, vitality and bliss in your emotional and physical bodies.
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Discover the key to be able to finally have great boundaries so you can choose relationships that inspire you.

If you are ready to move forward and would like support…