Enjoy this poem I wrote after Spring Equinox Sweat Lodge last week.
The stones reveal native people..
Races revealed,
As I revell in Spirit World.
Messages shown,
Seeds once sown,
now sprout all about.
as the essence of life
sprinkles humble potential into form.
Informed, I sit in wonder…
The wonderful world of the Sacred lives on.
The wonderful world of the sacred lives on in my heart.
Now I start a new..
having birthed through and through.
The womb portal has held me true…
In remembrance –
again and again,
We pray in balance of night and day.
Aligned in a sacred way.
All life is sacred.
The magic is restored.
I feel adored, loved..
and lived by Spirit
May all beings be free.
*by Narayani March 2014