It was beautiful to feel Lania’s realization today. She’s in Colorado and I’m in Asheville. Still, space did not separate us. I love being alive in this day and age. With authority , she said, “The goal of EssenceWork is to clear away the debris of the mind that keeps you from being your authentic self. ” Then, “oooo I have to write that down..!” After a pause, some giggles and us focusing on the message of living your potential, I was told that I am now able to integrate what I have learned and do all the work I am here to do. I love this. I am thrilled to be able to offer these sessions to people all over the world. Being a facilitator of long distance healing is an honor.

Cutting through the illusion of the limitations of the physical world reminds us that is okay to have faith in the unseen. Then, miraculously , we can see and feel the subtle beauty that always exists.
Ahhhh Spring brings this work to a new level.

On the way back from California, It all became clear. I can integrate everything Ive experience and offer myself to the world in a new way.

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Coaching and Services w Lara Narayani

FOR THE INDIVIDUAL: A Complete 6 part program
  • Empowerment Coaching
  • Integrated Bodywork
  • Aromatherapy/Herbal Body Care
  • Conscious Movement Practice
  • Meditation
  • EssenceWork (TM)

  • Prayer, Movement and Meditation
  • Womens Ceremonies
  • Empowerment Workshops


I am available to see clients in Asheville through April 2009. After that, I will be in Northern California. there will be several trips to New Jersey and North Carolina throughout the year. Please inquire for appointment.

LONG DISTANCE EssenceWork(TM) available for clients around the world. CONTACT Lara Narayani 828-545-2867