The Earth has so much wisdom for us when we take time to tune in and listen.
I was one of those people who always picked up stones whenever in nature. My Grandfather used to give us shiny polished rocks as a child and I just always loved the feeling of stones. What I did not know back then is that stones have transformative powers to heal and awaken our relationship with Mother Earth.
nature_background_eco_1280_3At 22, I did a sweat lodge with women in Alabama at a spiritual gathering.  I never sweat so much in my life up to that point. I literally crawled to the river in gratitude for the incredible waters everywhere. The following year, my experiences deepened as I did my first sweat lodge with Native Dine’ (Navajo) women on the reservation . These Grandmothers and Mothers whispered prayers of gratitude with us and I began to learn of the ways of the stone people. Here I learned that the stones are actually beings. Stones are called Grandfathers and behold wisdom that can guide us and support our healing. In the Sweat lodge, prayers are made, herbs are offered for healing to the stones and gratitude and blessings are offered for our families, communities and the planet.
The Stone People are keepers of Earth wisdom and can help us to remember who we are and how to live the in The Sacred. When we are open and willing to seek support from the spirit of nature. It is with this mindset that I offer Native Hot Stone Massage. Sessions include hand harvested stones that are chosen with prayer and gratitude. I source from my own journeys in nature or from other practitioners who are awake and compassionate. All of this energy and awareness effects each and every session. True healing happens at a deep level and the body feels amazing.