I had the honor of working at a retirement home yesterday. Whew..Most of the folks were like babies..Not quite cognitive, yet functioning and somewhat smiley. The client I worked was an old woman, who is bedridden most of the time with diabetes, lots of pain in her body and a spirit of gold.

It was time for the session to begin. I opened up to guidance and allowed the message to come. Before I work with someone, I take a deep breath, close eyes, tune in and see whats there. Her higher self let me know: It was a gift to massage this body that had so much pain. To feel good when it constantly feels so bad really makes a positive difference. I bow and am honored to be able to be present and share this light and joy.

Once into it, I could sense the pain was deep in her emotional body. There were emotional issues unresolved that were affecting the physical body. I knew this because of my own emotional responses I have had in the past. I understand how it works. So I think, anyway.

I can sense her spirit is getting ready to leave. She is bedridden and has nurses change her bed pad on a regular basis. She is like a babe and is constantly complaining. I feel she may not have had many needs met in the past and is still carrying the pain of longing for healing. I could be wrong. These hits come and go when I work with people. Sometimes it matters and sometimes not. What is of value here is the love and compassion grows inside of me as we continue, shes feeling good and we are both happy.

She is demanding when I work on her, knowing what she likes and I am happy to ablige. Almost every time I ask or tell her something, she cannot hear me but I feel connected. “Perfect,” she says and “uh-huh” with an umph. I smile and my heart opens to let her know It does not matter what our words are, because I have pure love for her and I am grateful.


My friend is getting ready to give birth. I felt the innocence and awareness of the spirit as I massage her. We discuss the vibrations and thoughts and energies of this being. We agree. She is honored and they are both powerful. I am grateful to work with them. I feel deep love.


I met a man in the parking lot today. He told me everything and everyone is God, even the haters. We need eachother to create peace. And if we pray for the children who suffer, there can be change…Healing, loving and sharing guides my life. I am grateful.


Aging bodies
Precious babies

timeless spirits

feelings and thoughts

merge as one

Loving the light,
the dark unknown

Doubts seen
hearts healed
Truth felt..

Again, I am grateful

-LN 10/24/09