Introducing: ESW Stress Free LifeStyle Program

Time Management

Personalized Coaching supports you to restructure your life so you can have plenty of time to enjoy your life.

Learn how to “turn off” and unwind

Personalized stress management routines are designed for you so you can learn how to relax and unwind and leave work behind.

Embodied Mindfulness Training

Body centered practices help you let go of limiting beliefs and have the freedom to make new choices in both your professional and personal life.

Life Purpose Coaching

Access your deep purpose (or purposes) so you can make decisions that keep in mind the larger picture for your unique life path.

Are you ready to live stress free?

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Modalities in sessions include:

(In person and remote sessions available)

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Learn your own yoga asana routine

Meditation & Mantra

Meditation & Mantra

Learn to meditate the right way

Live Coaching Sessions

Live Coaching Sessions

in person or skype