For me, it has been quite a wild ride the past few weeks with my job ending and then getting it back and then it ending again. It feels as if I have been thrown into the unknown just to have the experience of  remembering what I have and appreciating  all that I have and have to give.  Whoah, I feel the energy of this BLUE  full moon and FULL MOON  and is great time to set intentions. Mine is to  help you in meeting your physical, emotional and spiritual goals. Email to schedule your FREE 15 minute consultation! I am soooo committed to offering my gifts and sharing the work in a brand new way with ease and grace.  What are your intentions?



Please let me know HOW I CAN SUPPORT YOU. There are many ways now that I can be of service for my community and I am more than ready to show up fully and support you with energy healing, coaching, massage training, personal program development, yoga training, private retreats and more!  I feel inspired to do is support others in developing their gifts. Many healers and artists ask me what it is they can be doing to be successful. It is only in the past few weeks that I realized I can really support people in developing programs that empower others in WAKING UP! That is why I am offering Coaching sessions on the phone or in person now through EcoSpiritualWellness coaching and lifestyle programs. First step is Clarty Discovery Sessions.

Feel free to contact me for free 15 minute consultation or just call to check in : NOW! Email 



I am open and excited to be able to offer new coaching online and  NEW massage trainings  for CE credit and as a gift , I have these Relaxing Videos (so I have been told) to share.  Watch NOW So if you cannot get a massage this weekend, live vicariously through these videos and ahhh. Enjoy!