In Meditation prayer this morning, the words came from my mouth: Creator, Please guide me to release that which I cannot change,  and to change that which I cannot release.  When we must hold on, there is a value. This holding on can take place with relationships, jobs and ultimately our own thoughts.
Shamans know that thoughts are things that create our reality. It is not our external environment that actually creates our reality but in fact it is our our thought/feeling/energy matrix projected into the world that is creating the experiences we are having all the time.
As children, we are conditioned. If we are lucky, once we grow, we get to be unconditioned. I heard Byron Katie in a  talk online last night say she is unlearning all the time! I love it. Unlearning.
One thing I have UNLEARNED is that it is not my job to make someone else happy. It is only my job to show up and be as authentic as possible. What I have found from this experiment over the years is that being authentic leads to being loving. Love is my natural state. Caring is natural because we are all made of the same stardust. We are made from a loving union of the masculine and feminine. When I release the concept of pleasing others (change) I find peace and freedom within.

Creator, Please guide me to release that which I cannot change; And, to change that which I cannot release.

If I feel uncomfortable about something, I can create change through doing nothing (release) or I can create change through action (change my thought/feeling). In truth, like yin and yang, I think the two feed in to each other. The decision to release is a change of perspective in itself. Everything is connected and in RELATIONSHIP, like yin and yang. May as well love. It makes life so much better, lighter and fun. If loving seems difficult, well, may as well just release, let go, as let God…