Sparks of light, joy,
ripple upon the sea;
living in harmony..

We celebrate what is
now and how to be;
life radiates beauty.

Sacred Waters,
alive with peace;
(in Full Moon joy)
Happiness prevails.

LNarayani, 6/6/09




A day of TRUE beauty
The energies of Nature continue to amaze and create wonder. Yesterday, a trip to the local farmers market yielded us beautiful local fruits an greens to bless the meals we partake in this weekend. Following a late afternoon walk and meditation on the beach, I filled the water jugs from a spring in the redwoods while singing loud praises to the Earth Mother and all her creation. I made up a chant and repeated a variety of verses with variations for a while…

Oh Sacred Water!
Holy is this land;
All of life is sacred,
This is where I stand!

The trees held space while the birds appreciated and returned my song with voices of joy. In the night, we made it to the beach and shared music by the fire with some new friends, busting out all the oldies but goodies.


This day is the type of day that creates sustainability. I am filled with gratitude and ease. My mind is not overcoming my body. I am not doing affirmations. I am feeling the energies around, opening up to them and welcoming the peace and light. There is a FEELING going on inside and it is inspiring. When I am filled in this way, I am inspired to show up for life. NOw, sharing my gifts is easy. I am sustainably working for a better planet, a better life for myself and all of my relations. With gratitude, I am content.

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