Ancient New cultures talk about all the ways to go about creating change in the world. Some talk of taking through right action, doing the right thing acting with kindness and responsibly etc. That is all good but if you are not doing this, something needs to cleared. If we do not clear our heads and hearts, our actions are only expressions of the same ol thought patterns and ways of being.
Humans are multidimensional beings with a mission. Even in this time of technological change, we still need to remember our complex natures. If technology and society takes us away from listening to our hearts and into only survival mode to produce, supply and deliver, we are missing the point. Here,  the world is controlling us, we are not creating the change we want to be in the world.
Creating change from within means aligning our minds AND bodies! Doing this alone takes time.It is possible as the Universe within is bountiful and our lights are strong and powerful but having help and support from others who have walked the path as week certainly makes things easier. Basically, we need each other. No one person is an island. That is why I am offering Discovery Sessions free of charge to see how I can support you in your growth and awakening for a limited time only.