I want to invite you to drop into some spaciousness with me. What if for just a moment, in this crazy world, there was nothing to figure out. What if for a moment,everything was perfect. Breath into this with me please.

Take a moment to let go of your mind, drop into your body and be in the spaciousness of life. Check out this meditation..

In Vedic traditions, this sacred spaciousness is called Prana. I heard Dr. Vasant Lad once say that prana lives in the space between the cells. This is the inner place I like to return to in meditation and in-between things I am doing in my day.. This is the place of mystery where life springs forth from. When you meditate on spaciousness, you may be lucky enough to experience the power of loving, life giving presence within and throughout. This presence can be found in the silence and through listening.

In the spaciousness of connecting to sacred life force itself, magic happens. The magic might even reveal new ideas to create, the ability to communicate clearly and you may even be able to access the voice of Divine Love within. In this place, there is NO competition and all of you is welcomed to show up fully for life. On this new moon, give yourself the gift of spaciousness – it’s free!

 I have created a free meditation of spaciousness that you can download here. Let me know what you think. NarayaniGaia@gmail.com