Its been about 5 weeks since I have been working with Hospice. What a gift it has been. I did not know until now HOW MUCH Death is a teacher…and the lessons just keep coming.

For one, being present with people dying has certainly made me want to live and live LARGE! I feel gratitude for health and life force in anew way from a fresh perspective. It reminds me of something Lania has showed me several years ago. The lesson is connected with seeing the value of struggle and suffering. How can we know JOY if we do not know sorrow? How can we know fulfillment if we have not been empty?

There is certainly a Divine place for all the downs in life, including the seemingly big downer, death. How can we LIVE if we are not to die? That is what I am feeling about my life now. More than ever I take advantage of what life has to offer me. That includes how I can be of service and what to do to experience the depth of joy within and throughout.

Whew!!! The joy of writing and sharing my thoughts and feelings! Thank you, dear reader , for taking the time to check this comments below to share any thoughts of your experiences or thoughts on this topic. Vital Blessings to you!!!