Plants as medicine Blessed Nature welcomes us to remember simplicity and joy. There are thousands and thousands of medicines growing still on our beautiful planet. These gifts are offered to us in order to support survival and to continue to live in harmony with our external world.

Separation anxiety There has been a forgetting. This forgetting hurts. It brings sadness and feelings of separation to those humans who remember how abundant and pure the planet is in her natural state. Many humans still interact with the natural world, everyday, seeking pleasure and resources in a sustainable way.

Emotions as medicine For a long long time, native people have recognized the power of feeling emotions as necessary for growth. To be with “what is real, here and now” is a powerful healing tool we can integrate in our modern world. So often, we want to fix things immediately, “I’m sorry” comes quick. Sometimes, we may simply ignore the issue as a way to deal with the negativity that uncomfortably creeps in. Often, what we feel is not even our own pain. It may be sadness for the planet, your ancestors karma, a neighbors anxiety or many other seemingly unseen forces. Because you have known sadness or pain from past experiences, it is easy to feel it again, once it gets into your energy field and radar system.

RITUALS to Connect
Heres some practices for healing
  • Walk in nature
  • Cry at a river, lake or stream and give way your pain
  • Do deep breathing outside, while gazing at moon and stars
  • Gaze at a fire, in or outside while setting a loving intention.
  • Give Thanks to the Earth , Sky and all of the natural world.

to Connect


Discover how you eat, think, work and play relates to your life’s path. Explore your connection to Spirit and lifestyle through ONE -ONE sessions w Lara Narayani Golland. Long distance Services include:

  • Learn to transform yourself from a deep level within.
  • Learn tools for SELF TRANSFORMATION with the support of an experienced practitioner
  • Remove the layers of past conditioning which keep you from experiencing the beauty of life everyday!
  • Integrate all aspects of your being

FOR THE INDIVIDUAL : A 6 part program
1. Empowerment Coaching How to got about living a blissful Life*
2. Integrated Bodywork Benefiting emotional/physical bodies
Aromatherapy/Herbal Body Care– Natural formulations made for daily care*
4. Conscious Movement Practice-Specified for each individual
Meditation– Finding the peace/ accessing stillness*
EssenceWork (TM)- Long distance energy work for balance*

*1, 3, 5 and 6 are available as long distance services.

To schedule your appointment, call 828-545-2867 or email

Personal and Global Heart Healings
  • Shift your personal circumstances into alignment with your higher life purpose.
  • Feel supported in your personal journey in a profound and simple way.
  • Unify your individual desires with the synergy of the group in a manner that allows us to all move forward togther.
  • Release imbalances in other lifetimes that are currently influencing you. (Since the EssenceWork process works throughout time and space, its scope reaches beyond most types of energy work.)
  • Participate in a process that graciously heals and supports Mother Earth at this crucial time.

The Group EssenceWork Offer

  • The monthly Group EssenceWork sessions continue on the 20th at 11 PM your local time for all time zones no matter where you are located in either the US or overseas, so the healing energies can be activated globally.
  • Group sessions allow Lania to steeply discount her usual EssenceWork fee to $25 per person per group session.
  • You can chose to participate every month or only the months that work for you.
  • Act NOW if you would like to take advantage of this offer. Your payment needs to be received prior to the 15th of each month for you to be included in the Group Session for that month.

visit for more info about Lania Payonline with Paypal to register for next Group Essence Session. Enter $25 into secure paypal system. Its easy.