In our modern world, people have been using their heads too much. looking objectively at life is a good thing; But when we think our way through solutions,often we may “think ourselves out of” following the intuition.

Intuition is so underrated sometimes!I am surprised at how much we still depend on fear in our world to make decisions. What this often looks like is talking ourselves out of what feels good because of some reason that is apparently SMARTER than our own intuitive nature. For example, someone may say to you: “You should do this in order to make money..this is best opportunity of your life!” or “I have to do this job, even though it sucks because I need to make money. Something inside your heart just says NO and you settle.


According to Native American teacher, Jamie Sams, the word sacrifice traditionally had a much different meaning than it does today. Most people now think of sacrifice as giving up your own thoughts, feelings and needs in order to support others, work and serve the world.In times when we honored The Earth Mother, and thus our bodies and eachother, sacrifice was seen as a “Give Away.” This is not giving away your own needs! It is the giving away that which we do not need in order to be true to our own hearts. Then, we can serve others in integrity and love while meeting our own needs at the same time.

The future generations deserve to feel empowered to give, not depleted. So do we. Magically , it is those prayers of the ancients that help us to see the beauty and love of remembering NOW. Remember your care and self love enables you to love others more deeply. Its the law of vibration and its real.

Love yourself.

Loving the self enables the heart power to awaken. Ancient ayurvedic texts say the mind is located in the energetic heart center in the body. This can be seen by taking a moment look at hand gestures we naturally use when communicating. When you say “I am….” you may point to your chest, the heart area or place the palm on the chest. We do not point to our heads and say “I feel..”

When we listen to the mind of the heart, everything is real. There is no overriding belief or thought against the intuition. We feel right about things. We feel strongly in a peaceful way. The more we choose the voice of love, compassion and truth, the less we need to figure everything out. Now that is a relief.

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