345-1217206687C51VLast night I celebrated the new moon by attending one of the sweetest house concerts I have ever been to.  It was a push to get there after a long day but I knew the rewards would be great. And it was. The night was filled with friends and music and couches and hugging and laughter. The hostess, Marya Stark, is a talented songstress and healer. I always love her music and also the energy surrounding her home. Last night, many artist shared but one song is fully sticking in my head all day. It is from the song WITNESS with the line “We are the miracle of Love unfolding.”
I am dancing with these lyrics today as I remember how much of a miracle all of life is. Even in tiredness I feel today from staying up late and  and other seeming obstacles I  feel in my life sometimes, I know in my heart life is  magical and our nature is Divine. Thank you Marya for the reminder! I am offering a link to this incredible artists page because I want to share this bliss with you as we embark into this new moon cycle. May we all remember the true nature of who we are as Love Unfolding .http://www.maryastarkmusic.com/