Ok, After 5 days in sugar infested Charlotte NC, emotional upheaval from mourning Grandfathers passing and family dramas, a 16 hour travel day from east to west coast, I have a cold. My immune system is working in overdrive to find equilibrium here in my blessed California home.

Many lessons and gifts have been blossoming as I confront the suffering and struggle of my pranic body to awake despite the seeming blockages in the nasal cavity and sinuses. This morning I awoke at 630 am and by 7am I began the ritual of clearing and healing the issues here at hand. I will share with you, dear reader, what tools/principles I am using today to heal and perhaps it will too inspire you. The deal is,


  • Instead of numbing or stopping the flow with antihistamines, I am taking herbs to support release of mucus, increase circulation, detoxification and immune boosting.
  • Drinking warm ginger Tea to support
  • NASYA : Herbal oil application to my nose as I lay with head hangin off bed for 5 minutes
  • Steam to nasal passages and sinus to loosing congestion.
  • Free flowing emotions: I let myself be honest and feel the frustrations I feel from being “sick,” while noticing the thoughts that are associated with the sadness.
  • Reprograming: After a good cry, I visualize having all my needs met in my body with help from my guides and healed places that love and give and nurture my spirit.
  • 30 minutes ASANA and CREATIVE MOVEMENT practice to stretch and nourish muscles and support healthy circulation.
  • 15 minute YOGA NIDRA or YOGA SLEEP to encourage alignment of my energy bodies and to remember the inner witness which is ever present as Peace within.
  • PRANAYAMA for opening up pathways. Here I notice that even the heavy congestion has space in my face between it and is not stuck entirely and as I tune into structure within the face through my third eye, I see expansion occurring at the same time
  • Prayers for myself and the planet to call in vibrational beauty and balance as the day unfolds and always.

After almost 2 hours of above activity I was hungry! I created a new recipe that I can only name now that the dish is all done. GREEN SOUP W MISO! (tm) You will need:

(all organic)

Pure Water
3 carrots
4 celery sticks
half bunch of kale
half small red onion
chuck of raw ginger, peeled
teaspoon o pepper
tablespoon o tumeric

1. Chop and prep veggies in chunks
2. Boil carrots, celery , onion, ginger.
3. Right away add tumeric and pepper
4. Boil on med for 12 minutes
5. Add greens for 2 minutes
6. BLEND 80% on puree and then liquify!
7. Add blended mixture to 20% left in pot.
8. Mix and serve!

Add 1 tsp miso per cup o hot soup.
This recipe yields about 10 cups of soup.
Good and Good for U (N I T Y)! Blessings!