Valentines Day, like many western holidays, brings up lots of issues for many people. I see these arising complexities as opportunities to practice love,compassion and detachment.  It is an opportunity to make a choice between what arises and what to continue to believe in and create in our lives.
Take V-Day. Do you have a VDay date/hubby/wifey/partner? How is your relationship going? Is there a lot of pressure to show up extra special on Vday? Spend money? Give gifts, even when you are fighting? What about if you are single? Do you feel lonely? Unloved?
I suggest we create a remedy for these upsets. The remedy ..da da da dah!! is called LOVE. I am talking real LOVE, not just the hallmark kind. Love that transcends people, places and things. Love of SELF that is so strong, it does not matter who shows up, what they say and what you do or do not get as a gift. LOVE that is rooted from deep within your cells and touches all of creation,all beings, throughout time and space.

Love boldly and start within.