Why Quiet the mind?

There are many traditional and new school teachings that offer to help people quiet the mind. In our world of over stimulation and toxic excess, we need all these tools to stay balanced in our modern world. In order to experience quieting of the mind, we can practice a variety of modalities to prepare us for the stillness. Effective pratices include meditation, chanting, sitting in the stillness, being present, awakening to the now, breathwork, drumming, witnessing, asana and chigong .

Sometimes it is appropriate to quiet the mind. If everyone knew how to practice this art, we could actively choose to relax and heal the body. When the mind is quiet, the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in subconsciously and the body and mind repair and rejuvenate itself. Scientists and Native peoples all recognize the value of such practice.

Quieting the mind is valuable, but is not the only path to awakening. The mind can be used in many many positive ways to create and heal. When in alignment with spiritual purpose, personal will , natural cycles and a beautiful heart, we can create amazing joyful change in our world.

Using the mind to heal ourselves and our planet though, requires space. Space and time to sit still, space to perceive new things, space to listen to the invisible world, space to connect with source within and throughout.

Practicing stillness is a key to creating that space. Once we find that space, we can rest in it and ask for guidance from Creator , the Self, your intuition or guides. If we do not need any answers, we can simply enjoy the spacious feeling and observe the moment, being present and having clarity of mind.

Find a quite or natural place to be for a while.
Sit comfortably or lay down (not in your bed)
Feel your body in contact with the ground.
Listen to the sounds of the natural world around you.
Breath deeply in and release the breath through the mouth 5 times.
Relax and foucus on your 3rd eye..Look within.
Observe the thoughts.
NOW, inject space of no-thing in between thoughts. pay attention to the space. breathe and listen and see whats there. ASK your question about your life if need be
Repeat for several minutes or hours.
Slowly awaken when you are ready by stretching the body.
Drink clean water or go for a walk. Ahhhh feel good.