312253_10151445565313333_1741145398_nReflecting, I see that many years of working in the spa industry has wholeheartedly inspired me on a multitude of levels. Early on, I figured it was possible and create treatments with organic plant based products that would nourish the body and soothe the emotions of myself as well as my clients. Over time, I began integrating studies of Yoga, Ayurveda, Massage, Native American Spirituality into my experience with private as well as spa clients to support personal healing through products and protocols offered in a unique and integrated way. All of this helped me to birth Eco Spiritual Wellness.
Creating practices while having relationships with the natural world with reverence is powerfully nourishing to all of our senses as well as our spirits because we are inherently natural beings in a spirit filled world. To see life void of spirit is really missing the magic life has to offer. Living with a conscious awareness of nature provides beauty and mystic alchemy to the spirit of life that connects us to the oneness inherent in all the cycles of life.
It seems our planet is crying out for transmutation in this time of chaos we live in. Simple joy, available through integrating spirit and nature, soothes my soul and inspires me to offer greater love to this world.  How can you do your part to support the flow of lifeforce in alignment with the sacred of all things?