Learn how to massage each other sustainably!

massage_therapy_4_200Learn ways to massage your loved one in a way that can help you sustain energy and feel amazing! It is possible to give a long massage and feel really good. The key is to learn to cultivate CHI while massaging by staying grounded and present.

Next Group Class:

NOVEMBER 17th 2013. 3-5 pm.
740 Front St. Suite 315.

This class is for you if you want to:

  • cultivate love and compassion
  • learn how to massage effectively
  • activate good body mechanics/ right alignment
  • massage while maintaining energy
  • learn good oils to use
  • explore new breathing techniques
  • practice scalp/face/foot and head massages
  • receive lots of massages!
Included in class price is a bottle of Organic Aromatherapy Oil to take home.

Registration: for couples

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