Sitting in the garden this morning, I had a beautiful realization.

Indoors, the computer was not working so I chose to sit out side in the garden with a notebook and pen. Dropping the need to email and play music, I did some deep breathing and took in the beautiful morning. I was adapting to the situation. I realized how easy it was for me to adapt today. I chose to flow with it and felt tremendous grace as I embarked on some writing for the new book I am working on.

I saw the computer breakdown as a gift , as grace. I was suddenly really inspired, just being outside on a beautiful day while being present with undfolding thoughts and feelings. I wrote a poem, thanking the plants and did some deep breathing, realizing how good I felt in my body.

I felt Grace inside and realized this Grace was not my outside circumstance but my inner reality. I traced this and felt a deep compassion for myself and contentment. I realized how much we see Divine traits as outside ourselves, instead of within our own hearts.

Humbly Claiming Divine Attributes
We hesitate to claim higher qualities, to own them,because we are so used to needing the outside powers to grant them upon us. This is the foundation of many religions. ie: Oh God..please give me… (something I do not have)! I then asked myself..How to be humble and empowered in owning these traits? Well, we can own them, but they are not exclusive to each of us. We all have the power to embody divine qualities. The trick may be to feel them and experience them ourselves. Here, there is no need to wait to be bestowed or told. We can feel and claim our divine right to be divine beings! But if you need help, we can always ask the universe for some support and clarity. Unconditional love abounds…