Powerful alertness keeps I awake. Thoughts, dreams, memories already seen, lived, breathed emerge as feelings submerged in various qualities of emotion drip down my throat, releasing waves of past pain.

I disdain regret, acknowledging truth of what is yet to be based on unfulfilled PAST reality. So I pray with light mysteek surrounding this heart, hearth earth creation providing safety, warmth, affection of deep sweet nurturing YES!

the BEST is yet to come, I hear , inner voice of positive sight draws near, growing stronger, clearing that which is NOT such along the way…

STAY! I say, be here, voice so clear, radiate love into my cells where my inner well of knowledge lives deep, steeping in saturated sweetness of being, contentment and ultimately peace of heart , mind and song.

Long are the days where women made beds, cleaned, cooked, birthed because we had to. Now I choose to walk along the edge of this world, seeking new ways to be free, seeking new days to see life remain sacred where roles are no longer defined by anything or anyone other than ourselves.

Empowered with Love of Truth, nature sings sweet songs of life in between all things experienced over time. We chime in acknowledging those who have come, gone and laid down fundamental relationship with beauty, peace and respect for all life past , present and future.

Now a new, old future is upon us as doors perceived once through space gently remove their solid locks and the key here, now is love in our hearts. Opening , light rushes through rainbow songs flushing into newly birthed dimensions of reality..

..or so it seems…