Yoga Self Care for the Massage Therapist – 12 CEs

Eco_home_page_1_1280This course is designed to support the bodyworker or massage practitioner in maintaining longevity in his or her chosen field. Through exploring the ways in which practitioners do not take care of ourselves, we are able to discover where we go out of balance. Once we know what is out of balance, we are able to restructure our practices so that we can establish new routines for health and wellbeing. This class offers movement practice, exercises, meditations and body mechanic tools to support the practitioner in self-care. Students will receive a certificate of achievement by the end of the course.Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate Yoga techniques for Self Care
  • Perform exercises of listening to each other as tool to access inner voice
  • Discuss boundary issues and solutions
  • Explain techniques for releasing tension
  • Discuss creative techniques to transform old habits
  • Create person vision boards with story of sustainable Self Care

Fee: $225