Today in meditation, I received amazing guidance. My whole being was inspired and tons of energy rushed through my body when I realized this so I will share it with you…

In order to listen to the voice of  my intuition, I find it absolutely necessary to sit in silence to meditate, pray and tune in. To experience happy relationships, I enjoy feedback and insights from people I care about and respect but the two certainly have very different roles to play in my life and probably in yours as well .

Taking time to be alone is invaluable. Private alone time gives you a chance to connect with your spirit and time to hear and see the inner guidance that rests in your heart. When we meditate and contemplate things on our own in a sacred way, we can connect with deep authenticity that is 100% uniquely perfectly attuned to our personal path in life. Life’s answers can be found at this inner place of stillness within all people at any time.

The place of self reflection is a door to Self-Love that cannot be replaced by the experience of external guidance in our lives. Advice from others and educational support is valuable and necessary in life. We need our therapists, healers, teachers, elders, parents, partner and friends for support and guidance. It is absolutely necessary to have loving relationships that provide wisdom, compassion and joy in our lives to experience balance and happiness. That said, there is nothing like having quiet time alone in order to hear and perceive guidance from within. The two are two sides of the same coin.

The tracking that happens when we are in Self Inquiry is  unique to us and can only be done by ourselves. When there are so many ways to engage in our lives, it takes courage and strength to take a moment out and stop everything to tune in. The rewards though, are seriously precious. I invite you to check in and drink  from the wellspring of  inner wisdom. I trust you will find the precious guidance to be both sacred and delicious. Enjoy!